Every adult’s mind is hidden in a pure fairy tale. If the city is not where you feel belong to or called home, please enter “arTree” the natural wonderland, where is filled with fantasy, creativity, and novelty.

We are gleeful when we see trees fulfill with leaves, ease with our mind when feeling the breeze blowing and paddling in the water, nature beauty holds us in an affectionate embrace. arTree is very environmentally conscious by applying natural material and biological products in the surroundings. The concept comes from the chairman, who is passionate about trees and nature, where he finds the inspiration to create this hotel with a unique natural appearance.

arTree combines "nature, texture, and technology", infuse the spirit of the original. All the furniture and decorations are carefully selected and collected from all over the world, to rebuild a live dreamland throughout the space.

"arTree" is a heartily and stylish hotel with its unique character. It’s not only a designed hotel based on nature theme, but a tree museum. Enter "arTree to discover more and make a new adventure of your trip.